Employee Benefits

Clearpoint's benefits package reflects the value we place on long-term relationships with our employees. We're proud to offer a package that rivals those of much bigger companies.

  • The Green Envelope: Employee Appreciation Pay 
  • Medical insurance with premiums partially paid by Clearpoint 
  • 401(k) retirement plan with Clearpoint matching funds 
  • Profit sharing 

The Green Envelope Employee Appreciation Pay

  • The Green Envelope is a Clearpoint benefit that pays employees who work full-time an extra week's pay about twice a year. 
  • Hourly employees who work 1000 hours within the most recent 280-day period (about nine months) are eligible to receive an Employee Appreciation payment equal to that employee’s pay for 40 hours of work. 
  • This payment will be added to the first paycheck the employee receives after qualifying (Enclosed in the famous green envelope!) 
  • The payment amount will be calculated using the eligible employee’s regular-time pay rate at the time s/he becomes eligible for this benefit. 
  • Employees who receive an Employee Appreciation payment may qualify for it again after another 1000 hours of work in a rolling 280-day period. 

Medical insurance

  • Employees who work at least 30 hours per week become eligible for medical insurance on the first of the month following 60 days of employment. Clearpoints medical insurance is an open access plan through United Healthcare Choice Plus. 
  • Clearpoint contributes part of the employee's monthly premium for medical coverage. 
  • More information about our medical insurance, including lists of participating providers, is at 

401(k) retirement plan with company matching funds

  • Employees can start participating in the Clearpoint 401(k) plan on the first of the month following 90 days of employment. 
  • Clearpoint matches part of your savings by adding a contribution from us. 

Profit sharing

  • You contribute to Clearpoint’s success, and we believe in sharing. 
  • To share the company profits, Clearpoint makes an extra contribution to your tax-deferred retirement account. Your account resides with the same investment plan provider that handles our 401(k) plans. 
  • Your profit share deposit from Clearpoint is not tied to any contribution from you, and you don’t have to participate in the regular 401(k) retirement plan to get it.

Hot Jobs of the Week

Here are just a few of the “hot jobs” Clearpoint is working on this week. Please apply for anything that is a fit for your skills and experience, and as always please feel free to share with your networks.