Why Passive Candidates Are Better than Active Candidates

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No matter the industry, hiring managers around the world are experiencing a lack of qualified candidates that can put their hiring process on hold. In a candidate-driven market, recruiting companies can no longer afford to focus only on active candidates.

Rather, recruiters are turning their attention to passive candidates – candidates who are already employed and may not be looking to change positions. This untapped candidate pool can provide you with some of your best talent and be a more effective recruiting strategy overall.

The Benefits of Recruiting Passive Talent

There are a variety of benefits to recruiting candidates who aren't actively searching for a new position. These are just a few of the top reasons you should consider passive talent:

They're qualified.

When you're in the process of soliciting resumes, more often than not you're going to find yourself with a stack of unqualified or inexperienced candidates. Passive applicants have already earned their chops with another company and have the talent to show for it.

They're motivated by your company.

If you can convince a passive candidate to make the switch to your company, chances are they see something valuable in your company's mission. Passionate employees are an important ingredient in your company's success, so recruiting candidates who are motivated by what you do is a big plus.

They're honest.

Passive candidates already have a job, so they aren't in desperate straits to find work. As a result, they're more honest and open during the interview process. They'll be up front with what they can offer your company and what they want in return.

How to Recruit Passive Talent

On the downside, finding and contacting passive talent can be significantly more involved than recruiting those who are actively looking. However, there will be a greater return on your efforts once you find your ideal candidate. Here are some tips on how you can effectively recruit passive candidates.

  • Use referrals. Chances are someone in your network is aware of a qualified candidate who's unsatisfied with their current position. This common connection can help you avoid cold calling and increase the effectiveness of your message.
  • Write well. Your job postings are your most effective tool for finding talent. Write a compelling post, emphasizing what candidates can gain from the position and your company.
  • Get personal. If you're cold calling or sending out emails, make sure your message is personalized. Mention what exactly caught your eye about their resume and include why you think they'd be a good fit with your company. One way to warm up that cold call is by connecting on social media.

Passive candidates certainly offer a greater challenge for hiring managers, but with the shortage of talent in many industries, it's important to take advantage of these opportunities. You'll have a better chance of finding qualified candidates, and greater success in your recruiting efforts.

To help you find those passive job candidates, work with a top staffing agency like Clearpoint. We match the people with bright ideas with companies that thrive on great minds. Contact a leader in staffing today to get started!

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