Do Thank-You Notes Still Have an Effect?

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As marketers, we don’t simply sell our product or our company’s message; we also sell ourselves to our business network, and it’s all about presentation. From attractive business cards to branded gifts, we have to present a consistent professional image. A key element of this image is simple gestures such as sending thank-you notes to colleagues, clients, and other professional connections.

In the history of business relationships, these thank-you notes have long been a staple of friendly business relations, but many marketers feel that this gesture is losing its impact. Is the thank-you note still an effective way of building professional connections?

Why send a thank-you note?

Marketing professionals might send thank-you notes after a variety of occasions, including interviews, business lunches, or when a client gives you a referral. When you think of all of the times someone has helped you or exceeded your expectations, there are often quite a few reasons you may want to say “thank you.”

While its central purpose is to express gratitude, these notes can actually be a valuable tool in cultivating healthy business relationships. Someone who has received a personal thank-you note will be more likely to use your services or help you again in the future. You may also want to thank contract workers, interns, or other co-workers who have done an exemplary job. Once you’ve decided who to thank, you have to determine how to thank them.

What are the key features of an effective thank-you note?

Of course, not all notes are created equal. Sending an email is more impersonal than a handwritten note, but a well-written email is great for time-sensitive deals. Each professional interaction is highly nuanced, so tailor your methods to the unique relationship or scenario. Successful thank-yous do have some common features, however. These are a few things you should include as you’re writing your note.

  • Thank your client or colleague by name.
  • Mention the specific gift or reason you’re thanking them, and how it’s helped you or your company. This separates your note from stock templates.
  • If you’re sending the note via snail mail, use nice stationary and sign your name if it’s a typed letter. If you email it, make sure there are no typos or formatting errors.
  • Allude to the future of your professional relationship by suggested that you meet for lunch or that you’d enjoy working with them in the future.

If your note includes these elements, it can help you stand out from your competitors or colleagues. This powerful business tool is still highly effective if it’s done well, and it can help nurture positive professional relationships. Whether you’re thanking a client or a contractor who’s done exceptional work, a thoughtful thank-you note can serve as a kind gesture and encourage friendly dealings in the future.

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