5 HR Trends You Need to Know to Be Successful

Published: March 28, 2014 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Manager's Corner

The workplace is constantly evolving, and the role of the human resource professional typically evolves along with it. Increasing workforce diversification, changing communication channels, and shifting employee values all contribute to the growing complexity of the HR role--and successful professionals need to keep up with the changes.

Here are five human resource trends to watch for, that could impact your career in the coming months.

Retirees are exceeding entry-level employees

The baby boomers have hit their retirement stride--and at the same time, birth rates are decreasing. For several years now, there have been more people retiring than people entering the workforce. Experts forecast that within the next decade or so, the ratio of retirees to career starters will be 2 to 1.

As an HR professional, this means you'll have to place additional emphasis on recruiting and employee retention programs in order to maintain your staffing levels of qualified people.

Availability requirements are extending

The traditional nine-to-five structure of the corporate workplace is vanishing rapidly. This issue affects not only employee scheduling, but also your role in HR. Today's lifestyle is trending toward 24-7 availability in all things--and there is an increasing pressure on HR and other departments to be available beyond "normal" working hours.

Employees want a better work-life balance

One of the value shifts in the workplace is the idea of a healthy work-life balance as not just a nice idea, but a necessity. This trend is particularly strong for younger employees, who strive for equal measures of living and working--and are not willing to force their lives to revolve around their jobs.

HR professionals are expected to encourage and support the work-life balance, with flexible policies and rewards programs that offer something more meaningful than financial compensation.

Flexibility is the new raise

More talented employees are seeking benefits that aren't tied to compensation. What they want is flexibility--non-rigid scheduling, opportunities to telecommute, paid leave for personal time (not just sick days), and even part-time options. The most successful HR professionals understand what attracts the new breed, and will strive to create flexible working conditions that satisfy the individualistic trend of today's workforce.

Talent is geographically diverse

The global workforce has never been a more meaningful term for HR professionals. With the technology of today, the whole world is an integrated platform--and the geographic restrictions for finding talent are eroding quickly. You can build a modern team of employees and contractors from far-flung points around the world, and keep them together with email, online project management, teleconferencing, and other tools.

Times are changing for HR professionals. It's a challenging world, but the possibilities are exciting and practically endless. Staying on top of trends can help you succeed in this ever-evolving career path.

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