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Lauren Jenkins, Administrative AssistantLauren

Lauren has been with Clearpoint for 1 ½ years and is part of our stellar back office team. She helps support both the internal staff and external contractors we employ.

Q: Can you tell us about your role with Clearpoint?

A: Yes, I do a little of everything. I'm part of our back office team. I answer the phones, greet visitors, meet with new contract employees to process paperwork, and other necessary office duties.  Whatever pops up, I handle it!

Q: Did you have any experience in the recruiting and staffing industry before joining Clearpoint?

A: My aunt has been a recruiter for quite some time. Her thriving career and ability to maintain meaningful relationships has inspired me to look into the industry. Her confidence and success never ceases to amaze me as I learn more about this industry.  She has shown me the corporate side of recruiting, now that I'm with Clearpoint I get to learn all the ins and outs of the agency side.

Q: You had quite a different career path prior to joining Clearpoint.  Will you share your story with us?

A: For a long time, I aspired to sing opera professionally. I wanted to be the star at the met in NYC and sing with the best of them while people gasped in amazement at how high I sang and how lovely I was.  My mother is a trained opera singer and I've trained my whole life just to sing half as well as she does. However, after my first semi- professional performance with the Houston Gilbert and Sullivan Society, I realized that the strain on me was too much to commit to for the remainder of my life. I will always be a singer at heart and hope that I may instill my love of music in the generation to come.

Q: Now that you've had an "inside look" into the recruiting industry from an administrative perspective, do you have any aspirations to be a recruiter?

A: Absolutely!  I see how much our industry helps people, how fulfilling that can be, and I want to be a part of that. Helping people genuinely makes me happy! Also, I would like to learn more about graphic design. I'm a creative person by nature and I could definitely see myself thriving in this particular niche.

Q: You have just shy of one year of experience under your belt. Do you have any "Ah-ha" moments thus far about working in the recruiting and staffing industry?

A:   I've been able to see the recruiting and placement lifecycle from start to finish. As I onboard and off board people it is interesting to see how everything fits together from beginning to end.  I especially enjoy when I am able to interact with our new candidates; getting to know who they are and how their journey brought them to Clearpoint always brightens my day.

Q:  What is something surprising that your clients and/or coworkers may not know about you?

A:  I'm a CRAZY DISNEY PERSON; obsession doesn't even crack the surface of my mania. I've been to Disney World at least 10 times and I know all the Disney secrets, the best blogs, how to maneuver their site with my eyes closed and how to get the best deals. About a year ago I was actually offered a position with Disney, however I declined for unforeseen reasons (and I love Clearpoint!). Disney is my happy place, my home away from home and I will always love every bit of it.

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  1. Jennifer Trevino:
    Mar 05, 2014 at 10:03 AM

    Congratulations Lauren!

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