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Natalie Gonzalez, Sr. Recruiter

Natalie is a Sr. Recruiter with Clearpoint Creative and has worked for the company for over 8 years. She has more than 13 years in the Recruiting and Staffing industry.

Q: What changes have you observed in recruiting and staffing over the last 13 years?

A: I've seen a huge shift to digital. I am part of the .com bubble generation and have seen first-hand how the internet has changed what we do. It's not just about a good design portfolio any longer; it's about technical skills and ability to adapt quickly to an ever changing landscape. Professionals really have to maintain flexibility and speed to be successful.

Q: What is your top advice for job seekers?

A: My best career-long advice for anyone is to never stop learning. Candidates who are acquiring new skills continually are easier to represent, get more job offers, and typically higher salaries. I would also encourage job seekers to think of their resume from a marketer's perspective; arrange the information in an easy-to-read format, use bullet points instead of paragraphs, and make it visually appealing. I've been really enjoying the new resumes that use an infographic-inspired style,  showcasing skills and experience in a visual way rather than through just words.  This style makes for an quick snapshot of a candidate's knowledge and how they may impact a team.

Q: What trends in hiring did you see in 2013?

A: Lots of hiring around digital and web design/development in particular. Also, I've seen a steady blend of continual opportunities in contract and permanent opportunities.

Q: Do you have any predictions for 2014 hiring trends?

A: I think that the number of job opportunities will continue to grow this year and we will definitely see most of the growth in web-related roles. Marketers who focus on traditional marketing and designers who are only focused on print need to work this year to gain digital skills to stay relevant.  My advice to these candidates is to find a mentor and start working towards expanding their digital experience.  A great place to start is the Social Media Breakfast held once a month as well as the HiMA.

Q: Any other tidbits of advice for job seekers?

A:  Yes, I see lots of companies shifting away from a highly personal recruiting process. I would caution job seekers to understand that in today's environment, their expectations for the interview process may be different than that of the client. Don't be surprised when clients have what may seem to be highly impersonal interview steps such as Skype interviews, phone interviews, e-mail questionnaires, or tests before they have the opportunity to meet face-to-face.

Q: What don't people know about you that they might be surprised about?

A: I'm a breast cancer survivor!  This is a big part of my history and I continue to learn a lot from my experiences.  But I am more than a survivor and I definitely don't define myself through just this lens.   I'm an active, busy mom, wife, employee and church volunteer.  I choose to have a positive outlook on life and embrace my blessings. I also want to be a light for someone else who may be in a darker place, especially when I'm at the doctor's office, knowing that they may be having a tough day.

Q: What do you like about working at Clearpoint?

A:  Sure, there are a lot of staffing agencies out there to work for, but none like Clearpoint. It's a one-of-a-kind agency that puts people at the center - it's really like my second family. I can't imagine working anywhere else!

Clearpoint is the staffing partner of choice for many of Houston's top employers. Companies trust us to fill open technology and creative positions with talented professionals because of our successful track record, years of experience, and extensive network of amazing

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