Highest Paid IT Salaries in 2013 (Part 2)

Published: December 5, 2013 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Information Technology, Job Hunting

Chief Security Officer (CSO)

The role of the CSO is one that is constantly changing. CSOs are responsible for the overall security of an organization--primarily digital security, though some CSOs handle physical security as well. In brief, these professionals work to counter both internal and external security threats, and protect sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

The CSO sets guidelines and policies for information security that protect the assets of an organization from threats posed by employees, vendors, cyber criminals, hackers, and more. Because of the ever-changing nature of IT, CSOs must constantly stay up to date on the latest risks and issues, and take a proactive stance toward security.

Other duties of a CSO include:

  • Ensuring compliance with state and federal security regulations
  • Coordinate authorization and user access for a company's IT infrastructure
  • Developing and implementing security solutions
  • Training company personnel on proper security procedures
  • Recruiting, hiring, and managing security staff

According to, the median salary for CSOs in Houston is $172,506, and the salary range is $120,142 to $238,038.

VP of Information Technology

Combining business skills with IT expertise, the vice president (VP) of information technology is responsible for supervising information systems at companies of all sizes, across many different industries.

The VP of information technology manages and directs the planning and scheduling of IT systems, as well as related programs and policies. Depending on the industry, IT systems may include network communications, data processing, computer services, management information systems, and business operations.

A high-level executive with a strong leadership role, this professional also:

  • Oversees one or several development teams
  • Provides direction and development for mission-critical technology and applications
  • Identifies, analyzes, and integrates emerging IT advances
  • Develops and implements IT best practices
  • Coordinates risk management, project prioritization, IT research, and resource allocation

According to, the median salary for a VP of information technology in Houston is $160,346, and the salary range is $120,395 to $203,215.

IT Security Manager

The information technology security manager, or cyber security manager, deals wholly with IT security for an organization. An IT security manager is responsible for coordinating everything a company does to protect its networks and information systems from various attacks and digital breaches, including cyber crime, intrusions, and malware. The role of this professional is to ensure that networks continue to run smoothly, and sensitive data is protected.

As the techniques used by cyber criminals to infiltrate or disrupt business networks evolve, the IT security manager must remain continually up to date on the latest methods and their defenses. Cyber security managers work to proactively safeguard data, from company trade secrets to customer financial information.

The duties of an IT security manager incude:

  • Establishing policies and procedures for network security
  • Regulation authorization and access
  • Providing staff training for the proper use of company information systems
  • Monitor and design effective solutions for digital security gaps
  • Perform risk assessments and system tests
  • Design and manage corporate firewalls

According to, the median salary for an IT security manager in Houston is $103,602, and the salary range is $82,277 to $125,425.

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