How to Use Google+ as a Job Search Tool

Published: July 19, 2013 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Job Hunting, Social Media Tips and Tricks Series

When you're on the job search path, there is one crucial detail you need to keep in mind. Every potential employer is going to type your name into a search engine--and it's probably going to be Google. What will they see?

If all that comes up when you Google your name is your Facebook profile (with or without embarrassing college pictures), it's time to ramp up your personal SEO with an informative, high quality Google+ page.

Creating your Google+ profile

If you're not already on Google+, the first step is obviously to get your own page. Head to the Google+ home page, where you'll either sign in with your Gmail or Google-associated account, or create one by clicking the red "Create an account" box in the upper right corner.

Once you're signed up, you'll be directed to create your profile. Some quick tips on creating a great Google+ profile:

  • Use a good-looking, professional headshot for your profile pic, especially if you're going to claim authorship of Internet content (more on that later). Google requires a headshot for authorship search results. Plus, a cartoon avatar won't impress potential employers.
  • Write a profile headline that summarizes you, without being too cutesy (but it's fine to show that you have a sense of humor).
  • Make your introduction engaging. Write "the story of you" as if potential employers will read it (because they will).
  • Be detailed. Fill out your profile with your education, experience, and skills. Use industry keywords to help get your profile on the search radar--or at least pique a browsing potential employer's interest.

Optimizing your personal search results

If you already have a Google+ page, make sure it covers the key points above. Your online profile is your professional brand, so take the time to get it right. One you have an interesting, engaging profile, it's time to make sure Google points potential employers to the best information about you with personal optimization.

Google+ has a linking function that lets your profile act as a portal to your online presence. Use it to link to your LinkedIn page, your professional blog, your visual online resume, and any other career-related information you have on the Internet. Employers will appreciate the centralized approach to researching you as a candidate, and you'll strengthen your search engine rankings with more inbound links.

Another option is authorship. If you write articles or blog posts that appear online, Google will display your Google+ profile information--including your headshot and a link to your profile--in search results when those articles come up, making your links more prominent. Just follow Google Support's instructions for claiming authorship with your Google+ account.

Networking with Google+

Having a strong, linked Google+ profile is great, but keep in mind that this is also a social network. You can increase your presence, and your chances for employment, by engaging companies, influencers, and other job seekers on the Google+ network. Use the Circles feature to find, friend, and join conversations with key people, whether it's potential employers or well-known industry figures. It's a great way to get noticed.

Improving your Google+ profile works, because it's tied directly to the results of the number one search engine in the world. Take the time to develop your profile and get to know this powerful social network--your job search efforts will pay off!

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