Hiring Mistakes That Lead to Mediocrity

Published: May 3, 2012 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Manager's Corner

Top performing employees drive success by producing eight to ten times more than your company's second-tier employees, according to Topgrading author Brad Smart. Everyone wants to hire the A-listers, but wanting them is not the same as hiring them. If only it were that easy!

Moreover, Smart notes that when companies aim to hire from the A-list and miss, their ranks swell with B- and C-level talent who drag the organization into mediocrity.

A recent blog post on this topic by Jon Bartos described 3 recruiting mistakes that lead your company downward:

Offer below-market salaries. A-list talent have jobs they like. When you offer below-market pay, you just succeed in bringing out the B and C folks. You can hire the very best ones from this pool of candidates and still slide into mediocrity.

Lengthy hiring process. When your interview process resembles a season of Survivor, A-list talent leave before it's over. Once you know the candidate's track record, remove obstacles and sell her on your organization.

No recruiting firms. Or worse, too many. Get experts to help you. Hiring top talent is a specialized task that uses competencies different from those of HR departments or your core business. Putting multiple agencies to work on one position, however, encourages speed over quality. Your inbox will be full, and you'll get to hire the best B- or C-level performer money can buy.

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