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Published: July 1, 2009 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Social Media Tips and Tricks Series

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Most of us are pretty eager to hear what people say about our company and its products. Social media provides a whole new way to keep your ears open. There are several free tools available online, and if these do not meet your needs you may wish to consider a paid service.

No single electronic monitoring tool will do. Concoct a solution by selecting separate services to monitor the web, Twitter, blogs, etc.

In most cases you create a user account and select the keywords you wish to monitor. Whenever your keyword(s) appear in the monitored channel, the service either emails you an alert with the link or collects the links in one place for you to review.

No need to limit yourself to only monitoring for your company name. Your can craft your keywords to collect posts relevant to your industry and your competitors too.

I have listed a few of the available free and paid services below, along with some links to related articles.

Clearpoint is not affiliated with any of these services and we do not guarantee the quality of their products. This list is not comprehensive and many other free social media monitoring products are available.

Free Services for Social Media Monitoring

Google Alerts! | This free service from Google will monitor the web for instances of your chosen keywords and email you with excerpts and links. You choose to receive the emails immediately, once a day, or once a week.

Company Buzz | (Log in and search Applications) This application runs within LinkedIn and monitors Twitter for posts that contain the keyword(s) you select. When you add this application to your LinkedIn account, a Company Buzz link appears in your navigation pane and gives you access to the search results. To find Company Buzz, log into your LinkedIn account and look for the link to browse applications.

TweetScan | This Twitter monitoring service runs within Twitter and works much the same way that Google Alerts does for the web.

BlogPulse | This multi-featured tools will deliver reports showing where your keywords appear in blogs and the related blog conversations. It also has features to help you keep in touch with activity trends in the blogosphere, track the top blogs, and more.

BackType | Like BlogPulse, BackType reports when blog posts and conversations include your keywords.

Paid Services for Social Media Monitoring

ScoutLabs |

Radian 6 |

TruCast |

Trackur |

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