Senior Electrical Engineer

Date Posted: Feb 19
Type: Permanent
Wage: $122,000 - $133,000
Job Number: 7026
Location: Houston, TX

TITLE: Senior Electrical Engineer

LOCATION: North Houston

TYPE: Direct Hire

SALARY: $122,000 - $133,000

The Senior Electrical Engineer will work in a small and dynamic cross-functional team to design, develop, and improvement for new and existing products & equipment using sound engineering principles and broad experience. Provide technical support to the manufacturing, sustaining, and field operation in troubleshooting electrical problems from components level to system level. Create and review all EE based documents. He/she may mentor designers, technicians and engineers.

- Works with sustaining, manufacturing, & procurement teams in parts obsolescence, purchasing & assessment issues.
- Generates and review documents such as design requirements, design description, block diagram, flow chart, wiring diagram, harnessing drawing, bill of materials, test plan, test procedure, inspection procedure, user’s manual, and maintenance manual etc.
- Plays team work with the team, group, and the organization.
- Mentors engineers, designers, and technicians.
- Participates in meetings within the organization and with vendors, clients, contract manufacturer etc.
- Performs multi-tasking across engineering, sustaining, manufacturing, and field operation groups.
- Maintains product and personnel safety in compliance with company’s HSE regulation requirements.
- Plays as a technical lead in one or multiple engineering/sustaining/manufacturing/field support tasks.
- Designs and develops for both new and existing downhole products and surface equipment.
- Performs component selection & evaluation, schematic creation, circuit layout, circuit board assembly, circuit board testing, circuit board qualification, electrical system implementation, and tool integration.
- Practices DFx, such as Design for Manufacturability, in the engineering and sustaining processes.
- Creates test fixture, test setup, and test equipment for engineering, manufacturing, sustaining, and field operation from component level to system level.
- Performs hands-on work in design, test, shop work, field test, & rig operation support and completes reports & results analysis in timely manner.

- 5+ years of design and development experience or equivalent.
- 3+ years downhole tool design &development experience.
- Experience in MWD/LWD Wireline tools such as mud pulser, EM telemetry, Gamma, Directional, Resistivity tool, Turbine-Generator and Rotary Steerable tools.
- In-depth knowledge in high temperature & high pressure electronics design, test, and qualification process.
- Experience in power supply, sensing/analog/digital circuit, microcontroller/DSP, and communication circuit design.
- Hands-on experience in circuit design and layout with Altium or equivalent.
- Hands-on experience in lab test and tool integration.
- Extensive technical understanding and experience with electrical, firmware, software, and system design & packaging for downhole tools and surface equipment.
- General electrical engineering theory – circuit network, electronics design, control systems, power generation/conversion, communication, signal sampling & data processing.
- Electrical engineering expertise – RLC circuit, Op-Amp circuit, filter, RF transmitter/receiver, analog/digital/logic circuit, close-loop/feedback & PID control, AC/DC & DC/DC converters, AM/FM/PWM/PSK modulation, RS232/RS485, battery, EMC/EMI/grounding/shielding, signal conditioning & amplification, A/D & D/A, micro-controller/DSP circuit design.
- Electrical device – high temperature passive parts, transformer/AC motor/DC motor/Bridge Driver, op-amp/comparator/transistor/MOSFET/optical coupler, regulator/LDO, booster/buck/SEPIC ICs, clock/crystal/CPU/memory, logic gate/PLC/PLD/FPGA

- Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering
- Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering

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