Confessions of a Resume Snob

Stephanie Hood, Clearpoint Senior Recruiter, shares some resume writing ground rules.

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5 Words or Terms to Avoid on Your Tech Resume

When you apply for an IT position, your resume is competing with hundreds of other, equally qualified applicants — and you need every edge you can get to stand out from the crowd. That means doing your…

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Your IT Resume Looks Boring - How Can You Spice It Up?

Hiring managers look at a whole lot of resumes when they're filling IT positions--and after a while, they all start to look the same. If you have a boring IT resume, it will simply fade into the background…

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How to Create a Targeted Resume

Targeted resumes, also known as customized or tailored resumes, are the best tools for landing an interview, and ultimately a job. Creating targeted resumes does take some time and effort--so job seekers…

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RESUME 101 By Stephanie HoodAs you have likely seen before, Clearpoint's Working Ideas blog has numerous articles that focus on resume tips, which can be viewed here. And after years of recruiting and…

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How to Work With a Recruiter in Your Local Market

The decision to work with a recruiter can be a difficult one. Of course, there are success stories from candidates who've landed their dream jobs through recruiters--but there are also disheartening stories…

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Should I Include a Photo on My Resume?

When you are creating your resume, it can be very tempting to include a photo, particularly if you have a template that has a space for it. While at first glance it may seem as though putting your photo…

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When QR Codes Aren't Cool

We are intrigued by the rapid spread of QR codes in the visual landscape and eager to find out what clever and creative job seekers will do with them. It might seem like a no-brainer to slap one on your…

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6 Resume Tips for Senior Level Marketers

You are the marketing expert already in your job. Now deploy those skills in your resume and job search. Treat yourself as a business and a brand, and your resume as the most important piece of collateral…

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