How to Keep Staff Motivated and Engaged in a Down Market

Clearpoint, a boutique staffing agency, gives three tips to managers who are looking to keep their technical staff motivated and engaged.

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The Best Security Candidates Have Real Experience

Clearpoint, a leader among staffing agencies, explains how the top IT security candidates possess actual experience.

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3 Areas to Focus on to Increase Hiring Diversity

Clearpoint, one of the leading staffing agencies, helps companies increase their employee diversity through three strategies.

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What Do Software Developers Need to Know?

Clearpoint, one of the top IT recruiters in Houston, shares in this blog entry some areas where software developers need to be proficient.

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4 Benefits Of Attending IT Conferences as an Organization

Every year, there are hundreds of IT conferences held all across the country. Many companies ignore them, or send a token employee who might (or might not) take notes and report back, because they view…

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Networking Tips for Introverted Personalities

Clearpoint, featuring some of the best careers in Houston, provides tips for people with quiet personalities to make networking easier and successful.

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Create an Engaging Culture with Your Team

Clearpoint, a boutique staffing firm in Houston, provides tips on creating an engaging culture within your IT team.

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How to Balance Building an App for iOS & Android

Clearpoint, featuring the best careers in Houston, provides a guide on efficiently developing apps for the two main operating systems.

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Hot Jobs of the Week

Here are just a few of the “hot jobs” Clearpoint is working on this week. Please apply for anything that is a fit for your skills and experience, and as always please feel free to share with your networks.