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Have you noticed a spike in negativity on your social media feed recently? The previous light-hearted posts on Facebook and Twitter of inspirational quotes, baby photos, and cat videos seem to have made a dramatic shift towards pessimistic rants and angry diatribes by internet trolls. Clearpoint wants to change that.

For those not familiar with the company, Clearpoint is a Houston-based staffing agency started by a husband-and-wife team with a vision for a better way to deliver talent solutions in an industry dominated by the pursuit of making a quick buck. While Clearpoint has grown significantly over the past 17 years, the team continues to work to maintain our fearless leaders’ original vision by focusing on relationship building to match bright ideas, and the people who have them, with the companies that thrive on great minds.

Right about now you’re still probably wondering how Clearpoint plans to refresh your feeds with positive messages and videos of cats, right? Here’s the plan:

Clearpoint is encouraging our connections and contacts—including current and past employees serving at client sites, internal employees, vendors, clients, and other friends of Clearpoint—to email us with short stories and positive sentiments that are #ClearlyGood. From the first week in April through the end of May (and maybe beyond!), these brief stories will be posted on Clearpoint’s social media sites in an effort to #ShareTheGood. Clearpoint employees who share their stories by Monday, May 1st, 2017 by midnight will be entered into a #ClearlyGood raffle for a gift basket full of sunshine.

Interested in sharing what is #ClearlyGood? If so, please send an email to Clearpoint with the following:

Thought or Story - Within your email reply, please write a brief story or positive thought that we can share on Clearpoint’s Facebook page.

Attribution - Let us know if you prefer for your story to be shared anonymously, semi-anonymously, or directly attributed to you.

Photo - If you would like to share a photo along with your story or thought, please send it over!

Stumped on what to write about?? Here are a couple of sample stories/sentiments:

  • “One of the simplest things that I am most thankful for is when I get home after a long day and my dog greets me with unabashed excitement as though I am the most AMAZING person in the world.” ~ K. Brunner, Clearpoint
  • “Every time I see a dandelion, it makes me smile thinking of childhood memories of picking them with my sister so that we would have ‘microphones’ to sing into while we pretended that we were in a rock band.” ~ K. Brunner, Clearpoint

Let’s do something #ClearlyGood together!

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