How a Job Description Can Scare Away Candidates

Published: June 9, 2016 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Job Description Tips, Houston Marketing, Staffing, Job Descriptions, Recruiting

When writing a job description, it should be as detailed as possible to ensure that your applicants are a good fit for the company. However, many qualified candidates can be intimidated by an overly thorough job posting or one that is not written in an engaging way. Here are three of the ways a job description can scare away talented candidates, and how you can re-evaluate your posting to address these issues.

There are too many requirements.

One of the most common ways a job description can scare off an applicant is by listing too many requirements. If candidates don’t possess all of the skills listed, they may hesitate to apply. To prevent turning away potential great hires, shorten your list to include only the core requirements. Are you flexible with the length of their experience, or are you willing to provide on-the-job training for certain skills?

You can also separate your list into “needs” and “wants.” This will enable your candidates to feel more comfortable with their current skills and experience, while adding extra bonus points for any additional qualifications. Put a lot of thought into the placement of each requirement on the list to ensure that applicants are well-suited for the position.

The tone is too dry.

If you didn’t write your job posting for a human reader, many applicants may find it difficult to engage with your message. A job description that’s too dry or technical can be alienating. Write about the company culture, what their day-to-day tasks will be like, and some of the most exciting aspects of your company’s mission. This will leave candidates feeling energized and open to the idea of working with your company.

You don’t sell the position.

Many hiring managers make the mistake of only listing what they’re looking for in an employee, without mentioning why candidates would want to work for their company. Don’t simply mention the traditional selling points, like a competitive salary range and benefits packages. Include other perks like free snacks, company outings or incentive programs that highlight what makes your company unique and a great place to work. This will ensure that candidates are excited to work with you and motivated to apply.

Many hiring managers are losing skilled, qualified candidates due to intimidating or impersonal job descriptions. Making any of these three mistakes could cost you top talent and dramatically reduce your candidate pool. By condensing your list of true requirements, infusing a more personal tone, and accurately describing the benefits of the position, you'll get more candidates excited about working with your company.

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