Focus on Your Strengths for a Better Marketing Campaign

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The channels for reaching your customers are endless, whether that's through blogging, social media or podcasting. With so many options for making contact, it's easy to lose focus in your marketing campaigns. Instead of casting too wide a net and affecting the impact of your message, use these three steps to focus on your strengths to build a better marketing campaign.


Whether you work with a small team of marketers or an entire department, there are some tasks that may not be worth your time. If your strengths lie elsewhere, find a good alternative for getting the job done. For instance, if one of your colleagues has more experience with blogging or designing infographics, ask if they wouldn't mind handling that aspect of your campaign.

In some instances, it may be prudent to outsource certain tasks for the sake of time and quality. Graphic design, copywriting and video production are all areas where your organization might benefit from an outside professional. Find what you and your team do best, and focus your efforts on those projects.

Stay Within Your Resources

Your organization's resources may be determined by your budget, your time or both. Set your limits ahead of time to determine which direction to take. For instance, it may not be in your best interest to commit to daily blogging if you don't have the time to write a 500-word post each day, or if you don't have the budget to outsource.

Instead, you might focus on posting regularly on social media, which may only take a matter of minutes per day. If you pair social media with one or two other areas of marketing, you can make your organization an industry best in those areas.

Know Your Market

Above all, know who you're marketing to. Certain demographics – like B2B clients and older populations – may prefer longer, more informative mediums like blogs, while millennials and consumers are more inclined towards digestible content.

If your audience is more ambiguous, focus on best practices for what you are marketing. Depending on the product or service, you can tailor your campaign towards the most appropriate channel. Videos are ideal for tutorials, while infographics are best for sharing short facts.

By following these three tips, you can stand out in your industry and keep a focus on your strengths. You'll outperform your competitors, save time and be a better marketer overall.

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