What Do Software Developers Need to Know?

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The demands of the tech industry seem to change with every passing year. In order to keep up with their field, today’s software developers must have a very specific and up-to-date knowledge base and skill sets. As new technology develops, these specialists are required to constantly refresh their portfolios to encompass these advancements. There are a few things software developers must know to remain competitive in their field.


The move to cloud computing is much more complex than it may seem at first blush. Not only do software developers need to learn to operate in the cloud, but they should also develop skills in asynchronous programming. No matter what kind of software you’re building, you’ll most likely need to use something like AJAX, a set of techniques that creates asynchronous, client-side applications. Cloud computing is multifaceted and can easily handle the demands of this type of programming.


Developers are now able to build complete programs using a combination of library calls from collections like jQuery. This is a necessary skill for many IT positions, largely because it can significantly cut down on the time it takes to build a complex program. It does come with one caveat, however. Developers who come to rely too heavily on coding libraries can not only fail to advance their skills but can actually degrade their existing abilities over time.


Mobile has taken the tech world by storm, and it’s more relevant now than ever. Developers should be able to build applications that can run on a mobile device. This isn’t simply a skill required for existing software developer positions, but it may actually become a new area of expertise for developers. More and more IT specialists will have the opportunity to work in positions geared specifically towards mobile development in the future.

Big Data

There are a wealth of tools available to developers and marketers looking to gather data about their audience and their users. But to keep up with this data, developers must have the ability to build and use analytical technology to interpret the information. There is a lot of information to be gathered online (hence the name “Big Data”), so developers need powerful tools to keep up with the flood of data.

Keeping up with quickly advancing technology can be difficult. But if developers are able to stay abreast of modern tech such as cloud computing, coding libraries, mobile programming, and big data, they can remain competitive and relevant in the industry. There are a variety of resources and tools available online to update your skill set, so be sure to take advantage of the new opportunities available in the modern tech world.

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