Getting Different Personality Types to Work Together Nicely

Published: February 26, 2015 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Manager's Corner

Most businesses need a variety of different types of talents to run their business effectively. But frequently with those different skill sets come different personalities. How can you ensure that the diverse personalities you hire are able to operate as a cohesive whole?

Lead By Example

As a manager, you should never denigrate other departments or roles. If your subordinates hear you say things like, "you know how salespeople are" or "we'll never get anything done until accounting loosens up the purse strings," they will mirror your lack of respect. Never treat another person or department as an obstacle to your goals.

Adapt to Others, Don't Expect Them to Adapt to You

If you know someone needs explicit instructions or plenty of lead time, give it to them if you can. It's a lot easier than expecting people to change. Build systems that serve the people who use them most frequently and don't be afraid to change what doesn't work.

Choose Your Battles

You will encounter people in the workplace who argue just because they like to. Don't get tangled up in unproductive disagreements with someone who is more focused on being right than he is on achieving a workable compromise. Go around them whenever you are able, or back up your side with undisputable, quantifiable facts.

Make People Comfortable

If people have jobs that require a lot of collaboration, provide spaces where they can hash out details without disturbing others. For people who need uninterrupted quiet to complete their work, provide a more private workspace. Seating people with such different requirements close to each other is just asking for conflict.

Work toward Common Goals

Keep your team focused on company and departmental objectives. Remind them that achieving business goals and making the most of each individual's abilities is more important than any differences that may arise. When people understand the organization's ultimate goal, they are more likely to work together more effectively.

Clearpoint understands that it takes all kinds of personalities and skills to make business work. We take a creative approach to staffing services to provide candidates who not only have the experience you need, but also fit into your organization's culture. Contact the experts at Clearpoint to learn more.

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