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Published: January 29, 2015 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Marketing

Paying attention to trends and changes is an important key to success in any aspect of business. When it comes to online marketing, those trends often change quickly--and keeping up with the latest can give your business a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.

Here are some of the biggest upcoming marketing trends you should consider incorporating into your 2015 online marketing strategy.

The continuing rise of content marketing

As one of the longest-running effective strategies in digital marketing, the popularity of content marketing continues to increase--in fact, content marketing may well be considered a requirement for any successful business today. In B2B alone, companies with blogs are expected to generate 67 percent more monthly leads than companies without them.

More businesses are abandoning traditional online marketing strategies like banner ads and PPC campaigns in favor of an increased focus on content marketing. Considering the emphasis Google's algorithms place on relevant, useful content, and the shift in effective social media marketing to quality content over quantity, content marketing should be a vital and prominent part of your strategy for 2015.

Greater content distribution through LinkedIn

Company websites, blogs, guest posts and reprints are basic building blocks of a content marketing strategy, but in 2015 expect to see more businesses placing an emphasis on social media in the mix for content marketing distribution--particularly through LinkedIn.

With the world's largest business social network creating more tools and features that encourage and reward content sharing, such as LinkedIn Pulse and the addition of long-form content capabilities for business members, it's becoming the preferred destination for both original and sourced content marketing.

Personalization becomes more widespread and sophisticated

For many years, online marketing was about trying to reach the widest possible audience in the hopes of converting a fraction of that visibility into sales. Today, it seems that the Internet has passed a tipping point--and now the most effective online marketers are working to narrow their reach through personalized, highly targeted campaigns that get in front of the right audiences, rather than the largest ones.

Expect personalization strategies such as segmented email lists, targeted paid social media, on-site and third-party channel retargeting and pre targeting, and website tools that show visitors relevant content based on their actions to become more prevalent and effective in 2015--and beyond, as the sheer volume of digital information makes personalized targeting a necessity.

Social media integration continues to spread

While social media certainly isn't a new trend for online marketing, the way it's being used is changing. Rather than the separate social campaigns that may have worked in the past, integrating social media with your primary channels is now the most effective strategy for realizing returns from a saturated market.

Social sharing options integrated with your website, blog, and email can significantly increase the range and effectiveness of any type of online campaign. In fact, recent research from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council found that including social sharing buttons with email marketing messages increases click-through rates by more than 150 percent.

The mobile market continues its takeover bid

Every digital marketer knows that mobile is here to stay. There are more mobile devices than people on the planet, and in 2014, the number of actual mobile users worldwide surpassed desktop users for the first time, according to data from comScore. Modern consumers are attached to their mobile devices, and there's no going back.

But the increasing prevalence of mobile devices isn't the only reason that marketers need to pay more attention to mobile. When it comes to discoverability and finding an audience online, Google is shifting its algorithms to favor mobile-friendly websites--in fact, the search engine giant now reports to users and webmasters whether a site is mobile friendly or not.

Keeping up with these online marketing trends will enable your business to survive and thrive in an increasingly crowded digital landscape. Where will your business go in 2015? Contact Clearpoint to get more information about staffing jobs in Houston.

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