Getting Your Marketers On Social Media at Work: How It Benefits Your Company

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Social media seemed to spring up overnight, and as a result, companies hold mixed views on the idea of social media marketing. Some believe it’s a bandwagon they need to jump on before it stops working, others view it as a complicated fad that requires too much effort for too little return.

The real value of social media marketing lies in making it part of an overall online marketing program. Getting your marketers on board for a focused social media strategy can benefit your business in big ways—recent data from Hubspot reports that 92 percent of marketers claim social media is important for their business, and 80 percent said their social media efforts increased traffic to their company’s website.

Here’s how having your marketers use social media at work can deliver positive results for your business.

Better control over social media messaging

Allowing your marketers to use social media at work can encourage them to post positive, proactive content. Employees prefer to know that their work has a positive impact on the company—and by permitting social media usage, they’ll be motivated to generate value with their marketing.

Engaged employees can be your best brand advocates, and an inclusive social media policy that helps marketers understand what they should and should not post gives you control over your company’s image on social media, while fostering a stronger sense of participation and ownership.

Greater brand recognition

With an increasing deluge of content, it’s harder than ever for your brand to stand out online. Getting your marketers on social media creates new channels for you to syndicate your content, which makes you more visible and accessible to new customers while reinforcing brand recognition for your current customers.

Increased brand loyalty

A strong social media presence that is constantly reinforced by your marketers’ engagement helps you build greater brand loyalty among your customers. Recent research from Texas Tech University demonstrated that brands on social media see higher loyalty among customers, and a study from Convince&Convert found that among Americans who engage with brands on social media, 53% are loyal to the brands they follow.

Higher search engine rankings

Good SEO practices are the most effective way for your company to rank higher in search engines—but like all technology, the requirements for SEO are constantly shifting. With Google’s latest algorithm update, “social signals” are factored into the search engine’s ranking calculations. The more your brand is talked about on social media, the higher rankings you’ll enjoy.

Increased inbound traffic at decreased costs

The more links you have that lead back to your company website, the more likely you’ll be to generate higher levels of relevant traffic. With your marketers actively engaging in social media, you’ll be able to substantially increase the number of legitimate inbound links to your site—which in turn boosts traffic, brings in more leads, and increases conversions.

Social media is also a highly cost-effective method of online marketing. Hubspot reports that 84 percent of marketers using social media were able to generate increased traffic by spending at little as 6 hours a week on social media networks. Even paid social advertising like Facebook Promoted Posts are low-cost investments that can net big returns for your business.

If your marketers aren't already using social media at work, it’s time to get them on board and start realizing the benefits of active, engaged social media marketing.

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