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Published: October 15, 2014 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Job Hunting

You are an incredibly talented professional.  Yes, YOU! You are creative, a leader in your field and ready to make your mark in a great new role with a top company. When you come to us, you place your trust in us to help you navigate toward this great new job. And we take that trust seriously. So, to get the most out of working with your Clearpoint team, we have a few tips to making our relationship work.

Let us know who your dating:

We know you want to maximize your job opportunities. You are talking to a LOT of people. But for us to do our jobs well, you need to let us know who you are talking to. What jobs have you applied for? Who have you interviewed with? We need to know asap! We are working hard to open up opportunities for you, and if we don't know that you have already spoken to a client or been submitted for a specific job, we can waste time and energy chasing down the wrong opportunities. While we would love to be your one and only, if we aren't, definitely tell us and fast.

If you see a job on Indeed (or Monster or anywhere else) that you LOVE, call us first:

Let us know BEFORE you apply! There is a great chance that we may have an existing relationship within the company OR we may be working on the same position and can get you to the top of the resume pile with the click of a mouse.

We are your lifeline:

We want to get you an interview for the greatest job ever. YAY! We serve as the liaison between you and our client (your potential new employer!). This means that communication flows through us. The way you help us represent you for this job is by staying in direct contact with us and ONLY us, not our client.  We are your guides through this process.  Call us after your interview to let us know how it went.  Check in with us on the status (and ONLY us).  There is a reason the client is working with an agency.  If you contact the client directly to check up on the status or ask follow up questions, you can really jeopardize your opportunity.  We promise that as soon as we have any feedback, you will know, and we are always happy to answer questions you may have about the opportunity in front of you.


You know when you are watching the Super Bowl and the game-winning MVP looks at the camera and yells "HI MOM!" Man, you can bet that mom's brain just exploded with joy and pride in knowing that all her hard work as a parent helped her child to achieve something amazing!

Well, we want you to know that you are OUR MVP. We lose sleep working to find great opportunities that are a perfect match for you. We strategize over how we can get you to the next great job. And, when we are able to make that perfect match, our hearts LEAP from our chest when we hear back from you that things are going well. A "thank you" goes a long way!

At Clearpoint, we love what we do. We get so much joy from placing our incredible talent into jobs they love and appreciate. So, when it is all said and done, shoot us a "HI, MOM" and let us know how we did!

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