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Published: May 29, 2014 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective online strategies for your Houston business, but it can be a struggle to keep coming up with topics for your blog, newsletter, or social media channels. It's not enough to continually plug your business--you need a supply of fresh, engaging topics that will interest your readers and entice them to keep interacting with you.

Fortunately, one of the best ways to generate topic ideas for your content is to keep it local. This not only gives you several options to choose from, but also helps you establish your company as a familiar presence in the Houston market.

Here are some ideas for developing local content that helps to promote your business.

Look to the news

What's happening in your community? Whether there's a local event or holiday, an issue that concerns the Houston area, or a story that everyone is hearing about, you can create content pieces that revolve around your local news.

It's fairly easy to follow your local news through social media and other online tools. Look up your local news channel and newspaper accounts, and follow them on Facebook or Twitter. You can also set up Google News alerts that will send daily links of interests with your chosen keywords right to your inbox--simply type in your search query, and select "News" in the Result type box.

Check your calendar

Nearly every business participates in some community events, activities, and appearances. Whether you sponsor a local sports team, or have a booth at an annual Houston trade show, these events can provide you with content for your marketing efforts.

Often, your local participation can be spun into a series of content posts, depending on the event. You can "live blog" from trade shows and create a series of follow-up posts on what happened, and what your business learned. If you're involved in sponsorships, you can create engaging updates for the team or group you're supporting.

Do you contribute to any local charities? Write posts that discuss your involvement, and invite your readers to join you. There are many ways local events and engagements can provide you with content topics.

Spotlight others

Inspirational or uplifting stories can make for highly engaging content. Look for individuals, groups, or even other businesses in your area who are undertaking (or have completed) a local initiative, and spotlight their efforts on your blog, in your newsletter, or through your social media platforms.

There are many ways your Houston business can benefit from spotlighting others. You'll draw attention to beneficial local movements, and contribute to the good reputation of your business. You'll also enjoy a wider reach, as inspirational stories are frequently shared online.

Topic Resources

Once you have developed a content strategy targeting local events and information, turn to the web for industry related content. The following websites are great resources to find relevant content and topic ideas for your own marketing.

  • Buzzsumo: A social search engine that allows you to search for socially shared content on the web. By searching for industry related terms, Buzzsumo provides you results of content that has been shared on the web and the individuals who shared the content.
  • Alltop: A content aggregator, Alltop pulls in articles from top industry blogs across the web. When visiting Alltop simply search for a category, such as "marketing," and the most recent articles from industry leading blogs are pulled in.
  • Topsy: The social search engine allows you to browse tweets across the web. You can search by keyword and type of tweet. Search for links, tweets, photos, or videos to find various forms of content. See what articles are gaining traction on the social web.

Content should be an asset to any business. By producing original content you are able to solidify your place as an industry leader. Your team will also have resources to share with clients and prospects. By producing content that appeals to your audience, you are positioning yourself as a go-to source for information.

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