HR Pros Become Marketers: The Importance of the Employer Brand

Published: February 20, 2014 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Manager's Corner

Savvy organizations understand that branding is essential for your company's image. But there's another type of branding you may not be aware of that can strengthen your organization, particularly your staff--employer branding.

As an HR professional, you know that attracting and retaining great talent can be a constant struggle. If you're having trouble bringing in the right people, you may want to consider stepping up your employer branding efforts.

Employer brand vs. corporate brand: What's the difference?

How do your customers and the industry in general view your company? If you're respected and popular in your sector, you may be wondering why the best and brightest aren't coming to work for you. Even if your consumer-facing brand is flawless, your employer brand might be suffering.

Employer brand is the perception of your organization behind the polished public face. It includes what is discussed regarding the working conditions, pay scales, benefits, and culture of your company--whether it's perceived rightly or wrongly.

It's important to note here that no matter what employee conditions are actually like, the perception is the reality as far as potential candidates are concerned.

Why should you worry about employer branding?

Taking on an additional aspect for your company's branding work may seem like a needless task, but the benefits are well worth the effort. Here are a few good reasons that you should strengthen your employer brand:

Overcome skilled labor shortages: An aging population, combined with fewer technical graduates and an increasing reliance on outsourcing, is reducing the talent pool in several sectors. As a result, competition for skilled employees has intensified. The more attractive your company appears as an employer, the more competitive your recruiting efforts will be.

Accomplish more with less: Many HR professionals are under pressure to increase productivity, and use fewer resources to do so. With strong employer branding, you can get the right people into the right jobs faster and more efficiently. You'll also be able to better communicate the reality of your work environment--which helps you attract employees who fit your culture.

Increase your popularity: If your company has a reputation as a great employer, you'll accomplish more than attracting talent. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of employer brands, and negative perceptions can turn customers against you. On the other hand, positive employee practices can increase consumer support for your brand.

Boost your growth and profitability: With a strong employer brand, you'll be able to attract top talent, and to retain your best employees in a culture where frequent career changes have become the norm, rather than the exception. Your employees will become your primary asset, and drive growth and profits across the organization.

Take a good look at your employer brand--the perception, as well as the reality. If you apply the same efforts to improving internal and external branding, you can expect to see a fantastic return on your investment.

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