Top 4 Blogs to Read for Marketing Professionals

Published: January 23, 2014 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Manager's Corner, Marketing

When it comes to having a successful career, it's a good idea to keep up with the latest strategies, methods, and general happenings that affect you, no matter what industry you're in. Staying up to date on the industry is especially important for marketing professionals, who deal with an ever-evolving and rapidly changing environment.

There are a lot of marketing blogs out there to choose from, and you'll never have time to read them all. But if you'd like to stay informed about the latest in the marketing world, we recommend checking out and subscribing to these four always-current, frequently updated blogs.

1. HubSpot

Inbound Hub is the blog of Internet marketing company HubSpot, creators of all-in-one marketing software that's used by more than 10,000 companies worldwide. The blog includes four channels, each with posts geared toward marketing, sales, industry insiders, and media tech (a channel called Up and to the Right).

It's easy to search the HubSpot blog by topic or keyword, and there are options to subscribe via email or RSS feed. Marketing topics frequently covered on Inbound Hub include analytics, branding, design, content creation, marketing automation, lead management, SEO, social media, video content, and much more. The blog also features a Slideshow of the Day toward the bottom of the main page.

2. Content Marketing Institute

Chances are, your business uses content marketing--unless you're among the 10% of remaining B2C companies (and 7% of B2B) who have somehow managed to avoid it. These figures came from recent studies by none other than the Content Marketing Institute, a company whose blog provides information, tips, statistics, webinars, and more for content marketers.

The Content Marketing Institute blog currently has more than 70,000 subscribers keeping up with daily posts on a wide variety of all things content marketing, from websites, blogging, and social media to the latest trends and hard numbers. You can subscribe to the blog via email or RSS feed.

3. Search Engine Land

Marketers need to know search engines, from details on the latest changes in Google algorithms to which search engines other than Google are worth focusing on. Fortunately, there's Search Engine Land to help you out with that.

This comprehensive, multi-channel blog site brings you news, how-tos, and much more on search engine trends and strategies. There are posts on SEO and SEM, social search, local search, and a variety of regular columns and newsletters. There's also a library of archives organized by subjects like Apple, Ask, Google (with dozens of subtopics), Stats, and more. Subscribe via email to have Search Engine Land alerts delivered to you.

4. Social Media Examiner

With the tagline "Your guide to the social media jungle, the Social Media Examiner lives up to its promise. You've probably seen a post or two from this 230,000+-subscriber blog--they're characterized by detailed posts broken into easy-to-read segments with lots of screenshots and infographics, and the site's cartoon jungle explorer mascot.

This blog publishes frequent posts and articles that help businesses make the most of social media, including blogs and podcasts, to connect with customers, increase traffic, and drive sales. From the site, you can subscribe to the blog feed via email, download free reports, listen to podcasts, joined the Networking Club on LinkedIn, and more.

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