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Published: January 17, 2014 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Marketing

LinkedIn, the world's biggest social network for business, continues to evolve and offer businesses new ways to connect with their industry--and their customers. While the network had primarily benefitted B2B companies and job seekers in the past, today's LinkedIn can help businesses of all types strengthen branding and increase reach.

The latest tool from LinkedIn is geared for B2C business. Called "Showcase Pages," this new feature lets companies draw more attention to specific products, brands, and initiatives by creating a dedicated page with its own feed, and separate Followers.

What are Showcase Pages?

If your company offers several different products, product lines, or brands, you can use Showcase Pages to highlight each one. These pages are like scaled-down versions of Company Pages--they have similar features, but are missing tabs like Careers or Products & Services that wouldn't apply to individual products or brands.

Showcase Pages are also different from Groups, in that you control the content, rather than an administrator.

How Showcase Pages work

These pages let you highlight different aspects of your company with dedicated content. For example, Microsoft has already created a Showcase Page for their Office products, and Adobe has one for their Marketing Cloud. Each page has a separate feed, and includes a Follow button for consumers to stay updated on their favorite brands or products.

The idea, according to LinkedIn, is to help companies "build relationships with the right community." Showcase Pages will let you differentiate your LinkedIn presence among various target markets for your products and brands by letting consumers receive content and updates for only the products they're likely to buy--instead of having to hunt through your Company Pages for specific information.

Using LinkedIn's Showcase Pages

In order to set up Showcase Pages, you need to be a Company Page administrator. You can select "Create a Showcase Page" from the "Edit" dropdown menu on your LinkedIn Company Page to get started, and follow the steps to create pages. Content is posted the same way as on Company Pages. You can also use the LinkedIn analytics tool to monitor the performance of your Showcase Pages.

LinkedIn currently allows up to 10 Showcase Pages for each business. However, the company has stated that it's willing to up the limit on a per-case basis for larger corporations or companies with more than 10 established brands or product lines.

The new pages also allow advertising through paid Follower Ads and Sponsored Updates that target individual Showcase Pages.

While B2B companies will probably realize greater effectiveness by focusing on the Services tab for their Company Page, B2C companies may see great results with creative use of the new Showcase Pages from LinkedIn.

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