Groups to Join on LinkedIn to Advance Your HR Network

Published: January 16, 2014 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Manager's Corner

LinkedIn Groups are a powerful feature on the world's biggest social network for business. By joining relevant groups on LinkedIn, you can connect with influencers, keep up to date on the latest for your industry, and expand your network of connections. You'll also be able to increase your visibility and authority as an HR professional, so you can attract more talent.

With nearly two million groups on LinkedIn, deciding which ones to join can be a challenge. Here are five of the best choices for human resource professionals in the Houston area, and throughout the U.S.

Texas HR Pros

A rapidly growing group of human resource and recruiting professionals, Texas HR Pros currently has more than 4,500 members. The group was founded in 2009 by Eric Griesel, an employment law attorney and senior HR executive, and has a strong concentration of members from Houston, Dallas, and Austin.

The stated purpose of Texas HR Pros is to provide mentoring and continuing education for HR professionals, and to bring together online and in-person networking through real-world events for members. The group offers business partnerships, training and education, HR career services, and job ministry support, and holds networking socials and keynote events geared to the HR industry.


The biggest professional group on LinkedIn for human resources, Linked:HR is a very active group with more than 800,000 members and 100 to 200 active discussions per month. The group is a powerful resource and networking opportunity, covering topics like recruiting, employee and labor relations, staffing, technology, employment law, ethics, diversity, sustainability, and many more.

An important note about Linked:HR is that the group is for HR industry discussion only. Job seekers, including those looking for human resource positions, will be removed from the group.

Human Resources Professionals Worldwide

An active group with almost 60,000 members and around 30 active discussions per month, Human Resources Professionals Worldwide is a social community for HR professionals looking to network and participate in industry discussions. Among the HR career paths represented in this group are HR managers, analysts, and executives, HR generalists, recruiting specialists, staffing professionals, and professionals specializing in payroll, compensation, and benefits.

Human Resources Professionals

While this group has fewer members than the similar (but not affiliated) Worldwide group, there are more active discussions. Human Resources Professionals currently has nearly 40,000 members who participate in more than 200 discussions per month.

The purpose of Human Resources Professionals is to network and share ideas. The group seeks to improve the profession of human resources and help members strengthen HR practices at their respective companies. All types of HR professionals are welcome.

Job Openings, Job Leads, and Job Connections

While this group isn't specifically for HR, it is the largest employment networking group on LinkedIn. Job Openings, Job Leads, and Job Connections has more than 1.5 million members, composed of job seekers, HR professionals, recruiters, and more.

Joining this group can help you find more talent to fill your positions. You can post job openings and gain exposure to savvy candidates across multiple industries and disciplines, to help you find the perfect hires for your staffing needs.

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