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Published: January 7, 2014 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Job Hunting, Marketing

Like nearly every job seeker out there, you probably hate writing resumes. Scanning a text-based resume is a slow, tedious process--and many employers have hundreds of them to go through.

So during your job search, you need a way to make it easy for hiring managers to scan your resume for relevant information. Of course, you also need a way to stand out from all the other resumes in the pile. You can accomplish both of these things at the same time with a visual resume from Kinzaa.

Why a visual resume works

Compared to text-based resumes, a visual resume can point out your strengths, skills, and experience to an employer in just a few seconds. This lets employers make a quick decision on your qualifications and moves you into the interview pile faster. It also helps you stand out from a sea of text-based resumes.

With Kinzaa, you'll also find the resume writing process easier. It takes just a few minutes to create a visual resume that highlights your best qualities and experiences for the position you want.

Fusing resumes with infographics

Infographics are a highly popular format for presenting information. Using images, graphs, and charts with minimal text, these visual presentations are the perfect format for conveying essential information quickly.

With a resume presented through infographics, you can impress hiring managers and stand out from the crowd. By drawing attention immediately to your best qualities, you create less frustration for employers and make a fantastic first impression.

How Kinzaa works

The Kinzaa infographic resume builder is a free tool that lets you create a visual resume online. You can register for Kinzaa through the website, or sign in using your Facebook profile. Be aware, however, that the user name you choose for Kinzaa will be visible to employers who browse the site--so if your Facebook name is Party All Nite (or anything that's less than professional), you should probably create a fresh account.

According to the site, it takes around three minutes to build an infographic resume. In addition to resume creation, Kinzaa offers a matching service--employers that register with the site create detailed profiles for what they want in a candidate, and Kinzaa shows them the infographic resumes that best match their profiles.

Kinzaa is compatible with all major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox (versions 7 through 9), Safari (version 4), and Internet Explorer (version 9). There's also an iOS app available for the service that works on iPads and iPhones.

Once your visual resume is created, it's hosted on the website and you can send employers links to your personal page, which will be You can also deactivate your Kinzaa account once you've accepted a job, and your information will be removed from the site within 30 days.

Kinzaa provides a unique and intriguing way to present resumes that makes things easier for both job seekers and employers.

We are always looking for creative candidates who want to stand out. If you are looking for marketing jobs in Houston TX, contact us today.

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