4 Tech Skills Employers are Looking For in Candidates

Published: January 7, 2014 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Information Technology, Job Hunting

Technology is becoming increasingly essential in today's workplace, and the need for technical skills has expanded beyond the IT field. No matter what type of job you're looking for, you'll find that tech know-how can give you an edge in just about any industry.

What kind of skills do you need? Today, it's not enough to be proficient with Web-based email or an expert in Microsoft Word. Hiring managers across every category are looking for tech-savvy employees with capabilities ranging from the latest apps to basic coding and programming skills.

Here are four tech skills that employers value most on a resume.

Social media proficiency

If you know your way around the major social media networks, you've got a valuable skill set for your resume. More businesses than ever are invested in social for building brands and communicating with their customers--so all that time you've spent on Facebook and Instagram could actually pay off.

The more major social media channels you're familiar with, the more you could have to offer an employer, especially if you're working in a field like marketing, online publishing, or public relations. Make sure you list your proficiencies with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or anywhere else you're experienced using. You can also highlight any success you've had with gaining substantial personal followings on social media.


Just about every type of business has a place for candidates who are proficient in analytics. This skill set is a hot commodity that can give you a definite edge over the competition.

Whether you've worked extensively with Google Analytics or another popular Web-based platform, used applied analytics for market research, or worked on Big Data projects, be sure to call attention to your analytics skills on your resume.

Virtual communication

Today's workforce is not just technical--it's also increasingly mobile. More companies are providing flex work options for their staff, ranging from a mixture of home and office hours to full telecommuting. And it's not just employees: the marketplace is global, and businesses frequently meet with clients, suppliers, partners, and other third parties remotely.

A strong working knowledge of virtual communications can make you an asset to any company. Highlight your proficiency in video conferencing and instant messaging, and be sure to list the video-conferencing platforms, chat systems, and even message boards you use frequently. If you're comfortable with Skype, Join.Me, Yahoo! Instant Messenger, Yammer, Dropbox, GoToMeeting, Nimble, and Google Hangouts, you're qualified to handle a mobile working environment.

HTML coding

What used to be a mystifying language reserved for developers and programmers is now fairly common knowledge. But everything is online today, and a basic working knowledge of hyper-text markup language (HTML) can go far in the eyes of hiring managers.

If you've used a CMS like WordPress or Joomla for any purpose, you probably already know a few things about HTML--at the least, you're likely to be familiar with paragraph tags, header tags, bold and italics, and tags for images and links. Point out your familiarity with HTML on your resume for a leg up on the job competition.

While these are not the four skills you definitely need to succeed in your job search, they are valuable. Whether you work in marketing, finance, or administration, having technical skills can put you ahead of the competition.

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