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Stephanie Hood, Senior Recruiter

Stephanie is a Senior Recruiter with Clearpoint Creative and has over 7 years in the Recruiting and Staffing industry, of which more than 3 years have been with Clearpoint Creative.

Q: What changes have you noticed in the recruiting and staffing industry over the last 7 years?

A: I feel like I've witnessed the full spectrum of the employment market, which is constantly in flux. I've seen recruiting through recessions and high levels of unemployment, and back to low unemployment and a very candidate driven market. In Houston, we currently have a very candidate-driven market. However, the perception with many employers is that we are still in a "down economy," which can make the hiring process challenging since the sense of urgency to onboard high-level talent quickly isn't aligned with the true speed of the market. My advice: If a candidate is a great fit, managers need to pull the trigger!

Q: What is your top advice for job seekers?

A: From a technical aspect, people need to be mindful of their personal "brand," especially online - everything from their digital resume to the public perception of professionalism from social media.  My other advice is that even when you are working and happy, you should continue to elevate yourself and prepare yourself for the unknown and/or the next opportunity.

Q: What is the most common mistake that you see on candidate applications?

A: Too often people try to fit themselves in a box and aren't honest with themselves on their strengths. People often label themselves a "jack of all trades," often forgetting that phrase ends with "master of none." When applying for jobs, it's more beneficial to do a "gut check" on what they are really great at and tap into those talents.

Q: What hiring trends have you experienced in 2013?  Also, what have been the most requested skillsets in 2013?

A: I feel like the hiring seasonal trends have gone back to "normal," meaning hiring was very busy in the spring, tapered in the summer, back up in the fall, and down a little bit during holiday season.  I've also noticed that many employers want people to wear many hats. This year, the most requested creative skillsets have been graphic design and high-level copywriting.

Q: What are your hiring predictions for 2014?

A: I'm excited! Because of political uncertainties there seems to be a lot of trepidation, but I'm personally excited and encouraged because our clients have hinted at a plethora of upcoming needs. Also, a lot of talented candidates seem to be curious about "what's out there," and this means that employers still have the opportunity to attract great candidates.

Q: What are the top resources you'd recommend to job seekers?

A: 1) LinkedIn - this is a great spot for job seekers to find employers and recruiters, 2) - this is a huge time-saving resource to find jobs based on key words and location, and 3) Reading industry relevant articles - it's important to stay on top of your craft and your industry.

Q: Any other tidbits of advice for job seekers?

A: Absolutely - 1) Ring back tones are ANNOYING and unprofessional and 2) please NO SELFIES on professional sites (such as LinkedIn).

Q: What don't people know about you that they might be surprised about?

A: I've been blessed to do quite a bit of traveling (15+ countries), and I feel my world travels have helped me form a more well-rounded perspective and a broad-scope worldview of people and cultures. Also, my bucket list is ever-changing as I try to add one item to it each month, whether it's a new place or a new experience, to ensure that I do not limit my ability to dream beyond my comfort zone.

Q: What is your favorite thing about recruiting?

A: First and foremost, working with the Clearpoint team! Also, every time I do my job well, someone else gets a job. It's rewarding knowing that I can have a long-term impact on someone's life!

Clearpoint is the staffing partner of choice for many of Houston's top employers. Companies trust us to fill open technology and creative positions with talented professionals because of our successful track record, years of experience, and extensive network of amazing

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  1. Larry:
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    Nice Q&A. Good advice!

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