FISHING vs. CATCHING: Set the Hook for Top Candidates

Published: December 17, 2013 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Manager's Corner

By Stephanie Hood

I come from a long line of family who loves to fish½and now, I work with a lot of clients who like to "fish." Let me explain.

This year, the seasonal hiring trends seem to have gone back to "normal," meaning hiring was very busy in the spring, tapered in the summer, back up in the fall, and down again during holiday season. Why the downturn at the end of the year? Well, many companies' fiscal planning aligns with the calendar year, which means that the annual budget for resources - both permanent and contract - have been depleted by November and December. As a recruiter, I often have to explain this annual ebb and flow to candidates who are searching for work around the holidays as they frantically ask, "Where are all the jobs?"

As we look towards the holidays once again, it is imperative that hiring managers NOT get complacent and get "egg nog brain" too soon½especially this year. The market is currently highly candidate-driven, and great talent is not going to stay available for long.

As the year draws to a close, companies seeking to attract and catch top talent for next year are actively interviewing in order to identify and make offers to candidates who will start during the first part of January. That said, if you are a hiring manager who has gotten a little comfortable simply "fishing," now is the time to set the hook or you might find that the candidate you really wanted on your team will end up being "the one who got away!"

My father always used to say, "You know, honey, I don't really like fishing½I like catching." I couldn't agree more. What about you?

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