LinkedIn Company Pages: Your First (and Best) Resource

Published: November 21, 2013 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Manager's Corner, Social Media Tips and Tricks Series

The free, effective way to highlight your advantages

Company websites cost big bucks to create and maintain, and they require extensive marketing to bring clients and talent to the page. LinkedIn offers some of the same benefits of a business site, without the time and cost commitment of building a page from scratch. It's an effective way to market your company, attract the best employees, and draw in new business.

Get attention

LinkedIn has over 200 million members, and more than 2 million company pages. Anyone who follows your company will see updates you post, which is a simple way to attract more attention. Bringing traffic to your business site can sometimes cost money, but on LinkedIn you enjoy the benefit of practically built-in page views.

To take advantage of this traffic, you have to have a LinkedIn company page worth reading, exploring, and revisiting. When you do, you'll reap the rewards of a highly visited, regularly updated, well known page that boosts your business exposure.

With engaging visuals

Unlike business websites, which you have to design or hire someone to design, LinkedIn provides a basic template, so you'll enjoy creative freedom without the hassle. They've recently overhauled the look of company pages, adding banner images to splash your name and logo from the beginning; a featured thumbnail adds to the visual personalization, furthering your branding.

On the home page for your company there is space to list your products and services. Use this opportunity to creatively market your niche, expanding beyond LinkedIn's preset ideas to populate your list. When you update your services, try to include an embedded video and imagery. These will add visual elements to your page. Additionally, public recommendations are prominently featured--LinkedIn understands the power of public opinion and the benefit of endorsements, and keeps them front and center.

To start a conversation

Recommendations from previous clients and other businesses are only the beginning of the conversations that LinkedIn offers your company. By creating status updates, you can generate talk about your work sector and the importance of what you have to offer. LinkedIn status updates allow you to attach documents and PDFs, enabling you to quickly disseminate much more information.

The trick to a successful status update is making it engaging. If you only post job openings, you'll only appeal to the small number of people looking for that exact spot, instead of opening a dialogue about the importance of contributing to your industry. Filter your updates by geography or industry when you do have an available position, but use general statuses to spark industry conversations, focus on your specialties, or prompt a discussion.

Use the tools you already have

LinkedIn offers the opportunity to market your business and interact with those interested in either working for you or using your services. An established, updated page exudes confidence and reliability, all at no cost to you and with minimal effort. Stem the expensive design costs for your business website, and start exploring the advantages of LinkedIn's business networking scene.

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