How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Land Your Next Job

Published: November 11, 2013 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Job Hunting

You probably already know that LinkedIn is an essential tool for any job search. Chances are good that you've filled out your profile in detail, emphasizing your skills, accomplishments, and personal brand. Any recruiter would be impressed with your articulate and well-rounded LinkedIn profile.

The problem is, you have to get recruiters to read it.

One of the best ways to call attention to yourself on the biggest social network for business in the world is through LinkedIn groups. A key social aspect of this site, groups can help you improve your attractiveness as a job candidate, make more connections, and get your foot in more doors, faster.

Which LinkedIn groups should you join?

With more than 1.5 million groups on LinkedIn, ranging in size from a handful of members to thousands, it can be a challenge to decide which ones to join.

For job seekers, it's beneficial to join groups for local organizations, including your target companies. You should also join professional groups in your industry, both local and nationwide. If you've attended college, be sure to join your alma mater's alumni group on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has several groups that are focused specifically on job seekers. These groups can give you access to great resources and experts that will help you find the perfect job.

A few of the best job search groups on LinkedIn include:

  • The Recruiter Network
  • Job Search and Careers
  • Job-Hunt Help
  • Career Rocketeer
  • Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections!

Managing your LinkedIn group settings

You can join up to 50 groups on LinkedIn. Depending on your particular job search goals, you may end up with a lot of groups to manage. You'll receive various notifications from each group, and your profile will show the logos of the groups you've joined.

To control all those notifications, click on "Your Settings" from your profile page and choose "More½" from the menu. Here, you can turn on or off notifications from all of your groups. You'll also find options here for not displaying group logos on your profile--it's a good idea to limit profile group logos to two or three, so you don't look desperate.

Best practices for using LinkedIn groups

Joining groups is great--but as with any other social network, participation is the key to making them work for you. Group discussions are popular on LinkedIn, and all of the comments are searchable. This means commenting on discussions can increase your chances of being found by recruiters.

Choose your discussions carefully, and make sure to comment on group discussions where you can make a substantial contribution and demonstrate your expertise. For more precise and effective participation, you can do an advanced search to find people from your target companies within your groups and comment on discussions they're involved with.

You can also start some group discussions of your own, and encourage others to keep participating by responding to comments.

Networking is all about building relationships. When you join and participate in LinkedIn groups, you're demonstrating the value of your brand to recruiters--and boosting your odds of a successful career search.

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