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Published: August 22, 2013 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Manager's Corner

Today's world is driven by mobile technology. Over 50 percent of online activity happens on a mobile device--smartphones, tablets, and even e-book readers have become integral parts of our lives. We use gadgets at all times of the day to carry out a wide range of activities, from checking email to paying bills, and from finding the nearest gas station to buying cars.

So what does this mean for your company's recruitment and hiring strategies? The rules have barely been established for online hiring processes, but will the increase in mobile job seekers change the game? Here's what you need to know about the differences between the desktop and mobile job seeking experiences.

Desktop job searches: Where traditions apply

Most employers have a pretty decent handle on the traditional online job search environment. People using a desktop or laptop to look for a job usually have large screens, full keyboards, and a comfortable place to sit. They can run multiple tabs at once, looking at job boards, company websites, and social media, and take their time applying.

In a traditional desktop job search, candidates can fully interact and engage with application processes. There's no screen restriction, and no problems with paging back and forth, uploading attachments, or grabbing information, either from a hard drive or an online source.

From a recruitment perspective, desktop job searches allow you to collect an abundance of information on candidates. There's also no need to redesign listings, pages, or online application processes, because it's already optimized to the environment.

Mobile job searches: More involved than you think

You might think mobile job seekers are inclined toward quick searches on the go, with saved results they can investigate later. However, mobile savvy candidates are carrying out the whole process--from search to application--online through their devices.

With mobile, job seekers are using social media, job alert notification texts, search engines, and more to find and apply for job openings. They're researching companies on smartphones and tablets, using pinch and zoom to see more and learn more. And they spend more time on company websites than desktop job seekers.

Another common misconception is the most popular time of day for mobile job searches. Many employers believe their employees are looking for new jobs on their mobile devices during lunch breaks--or on company time--but the majority of job-seeking mobile activity happens after working hours. Job seekers are likely to engage in multi-screen experiences, watching television or using desktops for evening entertainment while they search for jobs on a mobile device.

Are people really using mobile devices to look for jobs?

It's tempting to believe that 50 percent of Internet usage going mobile doesn't necessarily translate to a rise in mobile job searches, and that your recruitment strategy can stay in desktop-friendly format--but the truth is, the percentage of mobile job searches is even higher.

A recent survey from recruiting service Glassdoor looked at mobile job search habits, and found that 89 percent of employees who are looking for a new job in the next year find mobile devices an important tool for job seeking.

Of the active job seekers who were surveyed:

  • 68 percent use a mobile device to look for jobs at least once a week
  • 30 percent search for jobs on a mobile device more than once per day
  • 54 percent read company reviews from employees via mobile
  • 52 percent use mobile to research salary information
  • 37 percent apply for jobs with a mobile device

Also on the survey: one in four job seekers will not apply for a position if the company's application process is not mobile-optimized.

It's vital for today's recruiters to ensure that job seekers are able to find job openings, view company information, and use the online application process from a mobile device. Adjust your online recruitment strategy to accommodate mobile job searches, and you'll find a higher quality candidate pool to choose from--one that has an edge in today's mobile world.

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