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Published: October 22, 2012 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Social Media Tips and Tricks Series

It's no secret that social media marketing represents an opportunity for brands to connect more deeply with their consumers. Most modern businesses are savvy to the basics of marketing through online social networks, but it's notoriously difficult to determine whether or not consumers are getting the intended message. A recent study by LinkedIn explores one key aspect of creating powerful user experiences--they're calling it "marketing to the mindset."

When you log onto a social network, do you find that you're more or less receptive to certain types of interactions depending on the website? For instance, on a website like LinkedIn, social users are interested in cultivating business connections. As a result, their interactions take on a more professional tone. Facebook users, on the other hand, typically want to catch up with friends and family, making them less receptive to attempts at sales, marketing, or professional networking.

According to this infograph from LinkedIn, which represents the results of a study surveying over 6,000 social network users, the reasons users interact on social networks can be boiled down to two basic mindsets--spending time and investing time.

This conclusion appears simple enough, yet "marketing to the mindset" is anything but. Recognizing the difference between personal and professional networks is key. It's also important to engage in social media marketing that targets social users on an emotional level. Engaging users in this way requires special attention to factors such as tone, positioning, content, and usefulness of information.

For casual networks, this means building a relationship by sharing entertaining, interactive, and casual content. On professional networks, it's better to share updates that are industry-focused and brand-centric. The two mindsets have common needs, too--all users are information-hungry, and enjoy content that is helpful or improves the quality of their lives. Users also gravitate towards brands that make an effort to participate, share, and listen.

The LinkedIn study is eye-opening, but marketing to social users isn't a precise science--yet. For now, the best way to "market to the mindset" is to consider how you would want your favorite brands to engage you. Make an honest effort to build a relationship with your social users, and the likes, updates, and retweets will follow.

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