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Published: July 31, 2012 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Manager's Corner

Your IT department is the backbone of your success as an organization, and it is vital to ensure that you have the best talent--and that you can keep this talent working for you. This industry is expected to experience a high turnover rate in the next twelve months and many employers do not understand how to keep these critical employees. As the tech sector becomes even more competitive, learning what it takes to lure top candidates to your business and keep them there is more important than ever.

Stay on Top of Employment Trends

The IT world changes daily, and if you're not staying on top of what your competitors are doing to lure top talent, you are missing out. Find out what the current pay scales are before posting a position. List extra benefits that appeal to IT employees such as flex time or the ability to work from home, occasionally. Ancillary benefits can also make your organization more enticing than your competitors.

Give Them Decision-Making Freedom

All employees would rather be empowered to do their jobs well. IT employees can be particularly susceptible to feeling micromanaged, and may chafe if they feel the work they do is misunderstood by management. If it is possible, grant the IT department more decision-making freedom. Avoid telling them how to do their jobs--chances are they can come up with a solution that is productive and easier to accomplish.

This freedom helps give IT employees a feeling of being truly part of your organization and, more importantly, will help them feel respected. Respect is a priceless commodity that is treasured among employees.

Create Value in IT Positions

It's only human nature to want to see the value and the benefit of what you do. Once an employee is emotionally invested in their job, they are much less likely to leave, even for the promise of higher pay.

We all understand that the work done by IT employees has an enormous impact on our business. Making sure that they feel appreciated, valued and respected goes a long way towards earning their loyalty.

Along with creating value in their work, don't forget that it is also necessary to reward good work, particularly if it is delivered ahead of schedule.

Do you have questions about attracting and retaining IT talent? Let Clearpoint help you find and keep the right IT professionals for your company.

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