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Published: July 9, 2012 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Social Media Tips and Tricks Series, Manager's Corner

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Have you given any thought to your employment brand? Savvy companies know that presenting an attractive employment brand with consistent messaging is a must if you want to attract top candidates.

"If you have a brand message that needs to carry across multiple channels, you want to be consistent and portray all of your company brand's features consistently across all media," says Leslie Cope, senior product director at That means using a recognizable graphic presence and consistent messaging about your company, wherever you advertise jobs.

When you implement a consistent employment brand, it allows you to communicate more effectively with prospective employees. Whatever the medium--online, through mobile channels, in print--your employment branding message needs to be genuine about who you are, about what life is really like at the company, about what you offer candidates.

So how can you evaluate or create a memorable employment brand? You can hire brand development professionals. Or you can do it yourself by following these four steps:

1. Identify your target audience. What are your candidates looking for in an employer? What motivates them? Develop a brand promise that connects with their values.

2. Determine your brand promise. What does your company offer these candidates? Can you define and express your values? What makes you stand out from the competition? Your brand promise should be attractive but align with your company's mission statement and values. Don't make promises you can't keep.

3. Establish your look. Follow your company's brand standards for color palette, and obviously include your company's logo, but you can use creative typefaces and images to give your employment branding a distinctive look. And don't forget a short, snappy tagline that summarizes your brand promise.

4. Be consistent across all channels. The look, feel and messages on your company's careers page or job board should be repeated on your Facebook careers page, online ads, flyers and other recruitment marketing collateral. Any time a job seeker comes in to contact with your employment brand, they should receive the same message.

Top talent looks for top companies. What impression will they get when they look at your employment branding?

At Clearpoint, our employment brand is clear! We deliver talented professionals to top employers. Contact us to get the benefits of our years of experience and extensive network of amazing talent.

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