"Old School" Industry Loves Social Media

Published: February 1, 2010 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Social Media Tips and Tricks Series

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Our local NPR News station, KUHF-FM (88.7) broadcast an interesting statistic this week. Local reporter Ed Mayberry stated that according to a recent survey conducted by Microsoft and Accenture, "73 per cent of oil and gas professionals are using social media tools such as blogs or even Facebook in their work."

This huge number bears out one conclusion from our own survey last year of Houston-area marketing professionals - even companies in conservative industries should consider social media as tools to advance the organization's goals.

The Microsoft-Accenture survey points out that the global nature of the energy industry means that oceans and continents often separate co-workers, collaborators, buyers, and vendors. Social media help bridge those gaps.

Energy employees are forming online communities and using them to facilitate workgroups, vendor relationships, industry partnerships, etc. Your target audiences could be dwelling in those same virtual spaces.

What's the benefit of finding these online communities? To name a few:

  • Learn about the needs and challenges of different interest groups within the industry
  • Support existing online communities with customized events
  • Provide highly relevant content
  • Accurately target your advertising
  • Monitor the chatter for looming negatives
  • And. . .    What's right for your audience?   (Fill in the blank!)

P.S. If you didn't get a copy of Clearpoint Creative's survey report "Social Media for Business-to-Business Marketing: What Houston Marketing Professionals Have to Say," email us to request a copy!

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