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Published: October 1, 2009 Author: Clearpoint Tags: Social Media Tips and Tricks Series

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We love Facebook as much as anyone, but it can be extremely frustrating to try to find specific people and company pages. The Facebook world is chock full of Michelle Acostas, and most of them don't even look like me! It's not that easy to just give out the URL either. Who wants to distribute a URL that looks like this? URLs for company pages are slightly less cryptic, but they are still way too long and complicated. ("Page" is the Facebook term for a profile that belongs to any entity that is not an individual person):

Relief has arrived!

Facebook now allows users to give their profiles and company pages "usernames" to make them more user-friendly (LinkedIn has a similar feature.) You can request your username and Facebook will instantly let you know if it is available. Choose carefully. Your selection becomes your Facebook URL forever - changes are not permitted. I'm a lot happier with these new Facebook URLs for my personal profile and for Clearpoint's page: and Facebook imposed some limits on who was allowed to claim usernames for the first few months they were available. That was to prevent users from creating profiles for the sole purpose of reserving usernames. Most of these restrictions have now been lifted. To select a username for your profile or pages, go to If you find that your brand name has been claimed by another user, submit a request to Facebook to have the name restored to you. You will need to certify that your organization has legal claim to the name, such as a trademark. Look in the Facebook Help Center for instructions.

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