James Webb

James Webb


God, Family, Clearpoint.

How did you get into staffing?

My uncle founded a technology staffing firm which was bought by Robert Half. I cut my teeth shadowing him while I was in college.

What advice do you give anyone looking for work?

Get on LinkedIn, your network is your most powerful tool. Personal referrals have a 1/3 chance of getting hired, agency submits have 1/10 chance, direct application on a website has 1/100 chance.

If you could be an animal, which type of animal would you be?

Eagle, no…dolphin, no…Eagle, final answer.

What do you love about Clearpoint?

My inside team at Clearpoint is inspirational! They are the best in the business.

Hot Jobs of the Week

Here are just a few of the “hot jobs” Clearpoint is working on this week. Please apply for anything that is a fit for your skills and experience, and as always please feel free to share with your networks.